LIV’s Best Recognized at IDS Vancouver

        IDS Vancouver celebrates all things design related in the Pacific Northwest. And this year at IDS 2018  some of the amazing work created by the design team at LIV Design was recognized and applauded. There’s no humble bragging here – just full celebration of the accolades we received over the IDS weekend.

        IDIBC recognized our work at the fabulous SHINE Gala, where we walked away, pleased as punch, with 4 awards:

        Multi Residential + Sales Center Category

        Award of Excellence:  Toronto PC Display Suite, LIV Design Team: N.Y. Chu, RID, Olivia Lam, Tiffany Lam, Sarah Ouyang

        Food & Beverage Category,

        Award of Merit: H Tasting Lounge, LIV Design Team: N.Y. Chu, RID, Olivia Lam,  Dickson Chu, Tiffany Lam, Sarah Ouyang

        Specialty Design Category (Branding)

        Award of Excellence: H Tasting Lounge, LIV Design Team: N.Y. Chu, RID,  Olivia Lam, Dickson Chu, Tiffany Lam, Sarah Ouyang, Candelaria de la Losa


        People’s Choice Award

        H Tasting Lounge, LIV Design Team: N.Y. Chu, RID,  Olivia Lam, Tiffany Lam, Sarah Ouyang, Dickson Chu, Candelaria de la Losa


        Best Exhibit Space Design

        In addition to the Shine awards, LIV was also awarded the Gray-sponsored, “Best Exhibit Space Design” prize for the beautiful IDIBC Booth our team designed for IDS West at the Vancouver Convention Centre. (LIV Design Team:  Seng Sengsavanh, Tiffany Lam, Deanna Mok)


        LIV is a proud member of Vancouver’s vibrant, innovative design community and looks forward to another year of creating beautiful, meaningful work for our clients.

        If you’d like to join our award-winning design team,  we are always looking for dedicated and talented designers at LIV. Send us a note along with your resume to We’d love to hear from you!


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        November 20, 2018


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        […] For our design of IDIBC’s booth at IDS Vancouver 2018, we commissioned Candice Kaye Design and Montreal-based WYNIL, to alter one of their existing sublime floral wall coverings for us. We loved the pattern but we wanted a deeper, darker background. The resulting modification was exactly what we had envisioned and helped us secure the Gray-sponsored Award for “Best Exhibit Space Design”. […]

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        Congrats team!!!


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